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Page history last edited by Eitan Burcat 11 years ago

If you want to build something during Greek, this is your chance to gather a team and build:

solar oven, paper recyler, personal polluo-meter - what every crazy idea you have, list it

here and spend part of greek building it.


We will have some tools and equipment available, but bring your own tools to make sure

(don't forget to mark them).


Write your name and the project you want to work on, time estimate and needs.


Eitan Burcat: I'd like to record some "sticky", Tel-Aviv / Haifa, location-related, environmental sound-bites by the attendees of this unconference.

It has to be at least 2 of the following: inspirational, educational, funny.

Length of each one is at most 5 minutes (1-3 minutes is the best). They will be distributed using mobile-codes on the specific (story-related) spots in Tel-Aviv / Haifa. Your stories / anecdotes / infomertials / advertorials / news / big-ideas are most welcome to help in this project.

Recordings will be distributed on a TBD date, under a Creative Commons license, probably using QR codes / similar technology (check out http://mobilecodes.nokia.com) + A mashup of GPS, Google maps and the mp3s (or something like that).

The tools I bring with me are a digital voice recorder, my Nokia, maps of tel-aviv & haifa, and a mobilecode sample - to demonstrate how this all works.

Time needed: 5mins * number of sound-bites.

I'd appreciate anyone who'll let me know in advance about a sound-bite idea. Being spontaneous is also an option :)

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Yoav Segal said

at 8:42 pm on Oct 30, 2008

Yoav Segal is working on GreenChange.co.il - an environmental movement with super serious people. Deadline is Mid Dec 08

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