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We are what we eat, and there is a tight relationship between our environment, our food and our health.

Greek will have cooking facilities, so if you have a healthy, delicious dish you want to show how to make,

this is your chance.


אכילה היא נושא


Please write your name, the dish name and ingredients. We can supply utensils, but bring

your ingredients with you - a dish for 4-6 people can do, you are welcomed to feed more.



Name Dish Ingredients Comments
Daniella Cheslow Pomegranate eggplant salad Eggplant, lemon, parsley, tomato, spring onion, olive oil, salt and pepper i need an oven
דרור צחורי גלידת בננות בננות לא יאומן אבל זה עובד - סדנא על גלידה וטכנולוגיה נאותה 
Daniella Tapuhi
Yael Givon
a number of side dishes TBD Local, seasonal and gathered ingredients. We'll be cooking and talking about nutritional aspects and ramifications in a broader context of water, soil contamination, work forces etc. with the idea that what's good for the earth is good for you. We'll also discuss some tech inventions for eco kitchens.
Yael Beeri Healthy organic carrot cake carrots, whole wheat flour, brown sugar, canola oil, eggs, cinnamon, surprises will need an oven


Comments (2)

Yael Beeri said

at 1:39 pm on Nov 17, 2008

Would love to cook healthy food! What exactly do you have there (stove, gas etc) and what dishes are available? Thanks!

Ira said

at 10:02 pm on Nov 28, 2008

I wish I could be at all those sessions! but alas too many interesting sessions to sit in.

I hope you guys can sum up the recipes and what topics came up during the sessions.

For instance, I make "labane" at home with "diaper" cloth, the way I think I saw on the table there after the session. I use 6-8 ESHEL and 2 bio-yogurts with a xpoon of lemmon juice, and let it drip for 16-24 hours at room temperature, depending on the consistency I want it in. I'd love to know what was demonstrated in the cheese session :-)

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